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Self-Myofascial Massage Therapy Questions

What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

Trigger point massage, or Myofascial release is an effective, hands-on physical therapy that has been used for many years to treat muscle and joint pain from stress, tightness, or recurring injuries. The soft, dense tissue (myofascia) and membranes (fascia) around your muscles and bones is typically relaxed and soft. When you experience a physical injury, trauma, or experience inflammation, this tissue and the surrounding membrane loses it’s ability to stretch and be flexible, and instead becomes tight and restricted (and often uncomfortable or painful). Often this tightness is most obvious in your back and shoulders, behind shoulder blades and at the base of your neck, but can be felt in any band of skeletal muscle like your quads or hamstrings as well.

The idea behind this kind of therapy is that stretching one part of your body actually has impacts on other parts of your body, including muscles and organs, through a release of tension in the entire myofascia system.

Unlike basic stretching, this approach is especially good for targeting hard-to reach parts, like your back and shoulders, and is the perfect post-workout activity to speed muscle recovery.

What is Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder where pressure on sensitive areas within muscles (commonly called trigger points) can cause pain in what seem to be unrelated parts of your body. This can often be caused by repetitive use injuries or stress releases muscle tension.

Tension and referred pain such as this can create issues in the tissue around your muscles and bones, and can cause a variety of problems, including headaches, chronic back or neck pain, muscle pain and spasms, recurring injuries, numbness or pins and needles, poor posture and limited flexibility.

While many treatment options exist, treatment with Myofascial Release Therapy is convenient and focuses on the key trigger points where the tension exists.

What are trigger points?

Trigger points are discrete and specific spots (sometimes called “hot spots” or “knots”) that form in a band of muscle. They are painful when compressed and can often cause referred or radiating pain. Active trigger points cause pain or tension while at rest, and is sometimes described as spreading or radiating, beyond just the single point of pain.

These trigger points can be isolated through massage or other therapies, and are often treated with self myofascial tools like foam rollers, tennis balls, canes or sticks, and bands.

What are self-myofascial tools?

There are a variety of tools available for myofascial therapy that you perform yourself and in a location that’s most convenient for you. This includes foam rollers, balls, canes or sticks, and bands.

How do I use the SoloRolo

The SoloRolo is intended to be used in a multitide of ways to relieve pain and tension in the back, neck, shoulders, and lower body.

solorolo_illustration-2                  solorolo_illustration-3                     solorolo_illustration-4

Using the secure straps and the integrated friction pad to keep it in place, place the SoloRolo up against the wall at an appropriate height for the muscle area that you are looking to massage. Just a little bit of body weight or pressure is enough to do the trick and keep the SoloRolo in place. Lean up against the ball and slowly roll up and down, or side-to-side as required until you feel some relief.

solorolo_illustration-5 solorolo_illustration-6

You can also use the SoloRolo on the floor or by placing it on a tabletop. The integrated friction pad will keep the SoloRolo in place while you move your arms, the soles of your feet, or other areas of tension over the top of the ball.

Do not stand on the SoloRolo, or drop it from any height.

To download the complete user guide, click here.

Do you ship internationally?

SoloRolo products are shipped directly to you from our warehouse in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). International shipment options are available – simply select your country and input your address information when checking out, and available shipment options will be provided. All orders are subject to applicable duties and taxes in their destination country, and are not included in the price of the SoloRolo.

Orders are shipped via Canada Post. Please note that orders sent by regular post to locations outside of Canada may take a number of weeks to arrive at their destination.

How do I become a distributor?

We are currently in the process of growing our list of distribution partners. If you are interested in becoming a distribution partner, please send an email to to inquire.