How SoloRolo Works

SoloRolo is an innovative, portable therapeutic massage tool that melts away knots in your body’s soft tissue areas from head to toe, including your upper back, shoulders, lower back, neck, hamstrings, plantar fascitis and quadriceps. Based on the principles of myofascial release, or trigger point massage, the SoloRolo focuses on relaxing contracted muscles, improving circulation, and stimulates stretch reflexes.

Muscle knots and tightness can be caused by any number of factors — sitting at a desk, lifting heavy objects, poor posture, or even overuse. Treating them can often be an expensive undertaking, requiring a substantial financial and time commitment in order to see any improvement. While physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors can make a huge difference in muscle soreness and stiffness as well as mobility, pain and tightness don’t simply vanish until your next appointment.

The SoloRolo improves on an old yet popular home-treatment — the simple tennis ball, which you trap between your body and a solid surface and roll on to achieve some relief. But the trouble with tennis balls is that they’re actually made for playing tennis, not for massaging your tight muscles and trigger points, and as a result, they roll around, and can be too soft to really provide relief when used as a massage tool instead. SoloRolo, on the other hand, was designed with just this purpose in mind.



  • Easy to use design guarantees safe, balanced motion

  • Delivers an intense, targeted head-to-toe massage

  • Evenly works more muscles than traditional massage balls and devices

  • Small, portable size makes it easy to take SoloRolo anywhere with you — to the gym, on a business trip, or easily move from room to room

  • Integrated friction pad means SoloRolo stays put – on the wall, on the floor, or anywhere you want to use it

  • Two built-in straps let you apply just the right amount of pressure and ensure proper placement

Self Myofascial Release Techniques

So, once you’ve got your SoloRolo, how do you use it? Try some of these simple exercises to get started. You should also consult with your physiotherapist, massage therapist, or other treatment provider for exercises tailored specifically for your injuries.

Generally, you want to roll on the SoloRolo with the base on a firm surface (ideally a wall), and a strap grasped in each hand. Roll until you feel a trigger point or hot spot in a muscle — it will be obvious when you get there because it hurts. Once you reach this spot, rest there for at least a few seconds — it’s the pressure that relieves the pain.

Do not stand on the SoloRolo, or drop it from any height.