The SoloRolo Story


It’s a familiar story to many who have suffered from sports- or strain-related injuries. You’ve been injured playing hockey, football, or even just taking a tumble on a patch of ice, and your physical therapist recommends some homework in order to get you back to 100% again. In addition to some at-home exercises, they recommend you use a tennis ball to work out knots in your back, leg, shoulder or neck. In theory, the tennis ball solution should be a great one – you simply trap the ball between your body and a solid surface like the floor or a wall . By applying just enough pressure, you can release muscle knots caused by stress and injury.

But tennis balls have a built-in challenge – they aren’t terribly firm and their completely round shape means they just won’t stay still. The SoloRolo was developed to counteract these challenges – it’s extremely firm, stays still, and is small enough to carry with you in a jacket pocket, and only requires a little bit of pressure to keep in place.

The SoloRolo relieves acute and chronic pain, and is made for runners, office workers, sufferers of chronic or acute pain, and other athletes of all kinds.

Why I Use SoloRolo for Myofascial Release Therapy

“The Solorolo is a life saver…sometimes at night before bed, after a long day at work, or after a long training session. When I wake up at night with a tight back it takes literally seconds to find relief. I love it under the shoulder blades and lower hips. I find that after just a minute or two of rolling on my own I can breathe better and the tightness is gone. I am so thrilled to have something so convenient and affordable. Thank you!!” (Tracey M., Autism Calgary)

“As a phys ed teacher and coach for 12yrs I am constantly on my feet all day long, this takes a toll on my body. I don’t have the time or the money to constantly go to the massage therapist. Solorolo is easy to use and extremely effective. I keep one in my office and one at home. After using it for only a few minutes a day my aches and pains are dramatically reduced. I strongly recommend Solorolo for anyone and everyone.” (D. Tran, Teacher)

“My SoloRolo is my new cellphone- I can’t live without it! I am 30 weeks pregnant and I use my SR every day to relieve my neck, upper back/lower back and carpal tunnel pain. I highly recommend it!!” (Mia B., Nurse/Mother to be)

“I love my Solo Rolo I use it almost on a daily basis…I have almost every tool known to man and find this to be by far one of the most effective and portable tools out there.” (A. Thomas, Manassas Virginia)